I Put a Spell On You
- Group Art Exhibit -

Original Artwork For Sale (click image for larger picture):

"Woodland Rites"
by Liv Rainey-Smith
16"x20" (10"x14" image size)
xylograph (drawn, hand-carved woodcut)
print, archival oil-based ink
on archival cotton rag paper
signed & numbered, first edition of 13
Framed = $450.00
Unframed = $250.00

"Modern Romance"
by Shawn Vermette
28"x20" framed
colored pencil on paper


"Cemetery Dirt"
by Frau Sakra
21"x27" framed
Ink & gouache
on illustration board
- Sold -

"Prophecies & Pincushions"
by Barbra Loveless
18"x24" framed
graphite & ink on Strathmore


"The Three Magicians"
by Christopher Ulrich
31.5"x26.75" framed
reverse oil painting on glass


"Curse For a Broken Heart"
by Kat Philbin
7"x5" framed
ink & watercolor
on bristol
- Sold -

"Bit of Tongue"
by Bianca Olson
12"x16" framed
acrylic on paper


"Dead Indeed"
by Spinestealer
4"x6" framed
graphite on paper

by Phil Joyce
11"x16" framed
acrylic on panel


"The Long Walk"
by Robin Fuqua
8.5"x18.5" framed
acrylic on wood


by Robin Fuqua
8.5"x18.5" framed
acrylic on wood


"Evil Eye"
by The Slow Poisoner
8"x10" framed
acrylic on black velvet

"The Witch's Curse"
by Nicolas Caesar
16"x20" unframed
acrylic on canvas
- Sold -

"The Curse of Sleepy Swallow"
by Lou Rusconi
18"x24" unframed
acrylic on canvas


"Voodoo Death Curse"
by Terry Bizarro
9"×12" framed
acrylic on illustrator board


"The Winchester Family Business"
by Spinestealer
mixed media


"Goat Familiar"
by Spinestealer
1.75"x2.75" framed
ink & graphite on stained paper
- Sold -

"Voodoo Bat"
by Julie B.
approx. 7.75"x5"x4"x7.5"
needle felt mixed media




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